Our special events inspire memories your child will never forget! These events have all the usual dress up and tea party fun with the addition of anything from a craft to more elaborate tea party food or a special guest. Please see below for details of each particular session. As always, advance registration is required.

Moana Luau - Chelsea

Moana Luau - Lets's Dress Up! - New York City

It's time for a luau with Moana herself (A Princess Like Me NYC). Join us for tea, a photo op and songs. What can we say, except you're welcome. Sunday August 28th, Chelsea 1:30 - 3pm $50 per child.

Frozen Tea Party

Join us for a Special Frozen Event in Chelsea. Yes, it's June, but as Elsa knows, some people are worth melting for. Bring your little ones in for a fun themed tea party and appearance from the Snow Queen herself (Book Brooke). Sunday June 12th, Chelsea 10:30am - 12pm, $50 per child.

Frozen Tea Party - Let's Dress Up! - New York City

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty - Let's Dress Up! - Upper East Side New York City

Wake up and join us for a spring tea party with an appearance by Sleeping Beauty (aka Briar Rose, aka Aurora, aka Book Brooke). Just don't tell Maleficent. Sunday April 24th, Upper East Side 1:30 - 3pm $50 per child.

The Royal Egg Decoration

Join us for egg decorating and an Easter themed tea party. Each child will leave with dyed eggs in a small basket (and some candy of course). Drop off is recommended. Friday April 15th, Chelsea 10:30am - 12pm, Upper East Side 1:30pm - 3pm $50 per child.

The Royal Egg Decoration - Let's Dress Up! - Chelsea & Upper East Side NYC

Mardi Gras Celebration

Mardi Gras Celebration - Lets Dress Up - Upper East Side New York City

Come celebrate Mardi Gras with some New Orleans style fun and an appearance by Tiana (A Princess Like Me). Let the good times roll. Saturday February 26th, Upper East Side 4:30 - 6pm $50 per child.

Frozen Event

Some things never change...like how much we love Frozen. Our favorite sisters are coming to Let's Dress Up! Yes, BOTH Anna and Elsa will be joining us for tea. We will have themed snacks, songs and a photo op of course. (Characters brought to you by Book Brooke @bookbrooke124) Saturday February 5th, Upper East Side 10:30am - 12pm $60 per child.

Frozen Event - Lets Dress Up- Upper East Side New York City