Let’s Dress Up! Has been an Upper East Side staple for over a decade. Bringing princess tea parties and birthday magic to customers that come from far and wide…

Because once upon a time is now...

Judy Famigletti

Judy moved to New York City at age 60 and has managed to take her favorite childhood pastime and turn it into a successful business. With a Masters Degree in early childhood education and the help of her grandchildren, she created the structure and various themes that feed children’s imaginations. Add to that a lifelong interest in interior design and you get a totally unique and authentic experience, especially in today’s busy world. She invites children in for tea and encourages them to play and dream (and mind their manners, of course). She truly considers the Upper East Side her home. When she is not sewing and doing the other castle chores required of a Princess Businesswoman  or with her family, she may be found practicing her other passion of ballroom dancing.

Samantha Myers

Samantha recently traded her career in finance to join Judy’s fairytale world at Let’s Dress Up. She worked in the financial services industry and has been living on the Upper East Side for over 20 years. Samantha and her husband are now raising daughter, Dylan, in that same neighborhood community that has been home for so many years. After attending a Princess Play session and seeing how much her daughter loved it , the idea to collaborate with Judy was born. Samantha’s business experience told her this was something very special…..and even numbers people need a little magic in their lives.

Letina Gebrehiwet - Store Manager

If you have been to birthday party or play session you have undoubtedly met Letina. She has been with Let's Dress Up for 10 years and does everything from painting nails and sprinkling fairy dust to keeping things running on time and buying princess accessories.

And they all lived happily ever after