COVID-19 Highlights

Please know that we are following all the recommended CDC and State guidelines very closely and will comply with and adapt to all recommendations.

A. Cleanliness has always been a priority, but here are a few updates. We have installed a wall hand sanitizer and will have other sanitizers around the store. We will use CDC recommended sanitizers and cleaning products and will regularly wipe down high touch surfaces. As far as the dresses, we will take our cues from retail stores. Dresses that are worn will be put to the side, cleaned and cycled out periodically. We also have a UV disinfection lamp that will be run in between sessions.

A. We will be reassessing this on an ongoing basis, but options include a shorter session, eliminating make-up, adding a craft, serving individually packaged food at the tea party and having less choice of accessories to allow for cleanings and turnover in between groups.

A. We will have reduced capacity at the outset, a limited number of adults and will encourage children to distance using markers on the floor and benches. We follow guidelines used in camps and other similar activities and will follow any recommended protocols regarding masks. Employees will complete a health check upon arrival and we also have a no touch thermometer on hand.

A. We would be happy to schedule a private session for your family, or a play date with close friends. At the end of the day, you know best what you are comfortable with, but if there is anything we can do to help or additional information we can provide, please do let us know.


A. Princess Play is 90 minutes, with dress up, tea party and a coloring page. Drop off is optional. Mini Camp is 2 hours, recommended drop off and includes the above with a small craft in lieu of a coloring page.

A. We are only open for timed sessions because we make many preparations and set the royal table ahead of your visit. We do the activities as a group and want everything to run smoothly while you are there. Not to mention, a tea party just isn’t any fun with one person.

A. It all depends on when we have birthday parties. If the 3 party spots are booked, there simply is no time. But please keep checking our website for the most up to date schedule and hopefully you will be able to find a time to come in soon.

A. We generally request that only one adult per child stay for space constraint reasons. But we understand that sometimes everyone wants to partake in the princess fun so please just call ahead to talk to us about it. Younger siblings are fine assuming they will be on your lap or playing to the side. We do ask that strollers be kept outside (unless the session is not completely full).

A. 2 is definitely on the younger side for our Play sessions. But it depends on your child. If you think she would enjoy it or is coming with a sibling, we are happy to have her. We would recommend Princess Play as opposed to a 2 hour camp. Please note they must be 3 and potty trained in order to drop off.

A. We have knight costumes and capes. Lots of boys attend birthday parties and private playdates because they are with their friends. And of course they are welcome at Princess Play if they are interested.

A. A Private Play date is when you get at least 6 friends together and come do your own session. These can be booked on any weekday time that you like.

A. We print one photo for each child as a fun keepsake of their time at Let’s Dress Up. We do our best to get a cute shot of the princesses, but are not professional photographers and do have to keep the activities moving along. We do not save or send digital copies. They are deleted in real time (because we respect your privacy).

A. It could depend on the particular event so better to call us to discuss this one.

Birthday Parties

A. Because this is a princess tea party. So it is small bites and we serve on real china plates. (Plus pizza oil and princess dresses do not go well together.)
Kids - As a general rule, we say 20 kids because that is how many fit at the tea table. Adults - That is up to the age of the children and your discretion, though it does tend to get crowded quickly with a large number of adults. We would definitely encourage you to see the space or come into a session before booking.
A. That is totally up to you and depends on the age of your guests. Again, we mention that is does get crowded quickly if a lot of adults stay, but it is your party so we take direction from you (and include the instructions on your custom e-mail invitation).
A. We take care of everything for the children. If you would like to bring food for the adults, we would suggest light bites like a pastry platter or cheese plate (these can be delivered 15 minutes before your party and please don’t forget paper goods and utensils). You may also choose to bring water or white wine (no red, as it could stain the dresses).