Princess Play is a 90 minute structured playtime usually scheduled between weekend parties. Planned activities can include a themed craft, story, dress up, photo and a seasonal tea party. The last 10 minutes is allotted for transition time. Advance registration is required. Drop off is optional, however due to limited space we ask that only one adult accompany each child. An adult companion is required for children who are not potty trained or under 3 years of age. Suggested attire for dress up is a tank top and shorts. Additional times for groups of 6 or more are available upon request. $35 per day/time


April 28th thru 30th

This Weeks Schedule

Spring In The Castle

April 17th thru 19th

The Royal Egg Decoration

April 8th thru 14th

Spring Headbands

Sunday April 2nd

The Velveteen Rabbit

March 25th & 26th

Spring In The Castle

March 21st 27th 28th 30th

Cute & Cuddly

March 18th & 19th


Sunday March 12th

Baby Dolls

March 4th & 5th

What Girls Love

February 18th thru 26th

A Valentine Celebration

February 10th thru 12th

Princess Elena

February 4th & 5th

Frozen Part 2

January 21st & 29th

A Frozen Weekend

Monday January 16th

Polite As A Princess

November 26th & 27th

A Princess Halloween

Saturday October 29th

The Pumpkin Princess

Saturday October 22nd

Halloween Tea Party

Sunday October 16th